Safety at Meade Construction Responsibility, Training, Management, and Awards

Safety Responsibility

We at Meade Construction feel that safety is essential to maintaining a healthy and efficient workforce, just as quality is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction and production standards. We believe that our commitment to safety and injury prevention is communicated to our customers and our employees through our detailed training programs and corporate practices that promote zero tolerance for unsafe work behavior. These concepts teamed with the industry’s best safety equipment helps ensure that each of our employees return home to their families safely each and every day.

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Safety Training

All employees of each Meade Construction division are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of annual safety training (Regulatory and Safe Work Practices) including but not limited to the following:


  • Hazard Communication
  • Fall Protection
  • Lockout and Tagout
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Aerial Lift Operation
  • CPR / Emergency Response
  • Powered Industrial Truck Operation
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Crane Signaling and Rigging Training
  • Material Handling Equipment Operation
  • Scaffold Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Machine Guarding
  • OSHA 10 hour – All Foreman
  • OSHA 30 hour – All Superintendents


  • Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
  • Safe and Defensive Driving
  • Back Safety and Proper Lifting
  • Proper Inspection, Use, and Wearing of PPE
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Hand Tool and Pneumatic Tools Safety
  • Accident Reporting
  • Housekeeping
  • Working in Cold Weather
  • Heat Stress and Stroke
  • Workplace Violence
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Leadership Classes


Safety Management

Meade Construction is committed to maintaining regulatory compliance and safe work practices on all of our project sites. Each division of Meade Construction is equipped with trained and qualified safety personnel who are responsible to conduct unannounced, routine safety inspections of each project site. In addition to inspections, our safety management team is responsible for implementing preventative maintenance and corrective action programs consisting of regulatory training, ongoing development of safe work practices, weekly safety meetings and accident investigations.

Safety Success

Meade Construction’s award-winning safety program has consistently resulted in a lower accident rate than the national average.

Safety Record

EMR OSHA Accident Rate Total Number of Accidents Total Lost Days Total Restricted Days
2013 .52 1.85 1 3 3
2012 .47 0 4.4* 0 0 0
2011 .35 2.94 5.6* 1 2 5
2010 .41 0 5.9* 0 0 0
2009 .32 3.72 5.7* 1 2 0

*National Average OSHA Accident Rate for the Roofing Industry

Safety Awards

  • 2000 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2002 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2002 Ohio BWC Achievement Award²
  • 2003 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2003 Ohio BWC Group Award³
  • 2004 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2004 Ohio BWC Group Award
  • 2005 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2005 Ohio BWC Group Award
  • 2006 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2006 Ohio BWC Group Award
  • 2007 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2007 Ohio BWC Group Award
  • 2008 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2009 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2010 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2010 AZ Perfect Workplace Safety Record⁴
  • 2011 Ohio BWC Group Award
  • 2011 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2011 AZ Perfect Workplace Safety Record
  • 2012 Ohio BWC 100% Award¹
  • 2012 AZ Perfect Workplace Safety Record
  • 2013 AZ Perfect Workplace Safety Record

1. The 100% Award is presented to each company that works the entire year without a lost time injury or illness. 2. The Achievement Award is presented to each company that decreases its incident rate by at least 25% from the previous year. 3. The Group Award is presented to the company with the lowest incident rate in each group. The groups are based upon the level of risk involved in the daily activities of each employee at the company. 4. Completion of 1 year of work without a single recordable injury.

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